Secret Tips to Reverse the Effects of Alcohol on the Liver

Published: 04th May 2010
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In this article I am going to discuss the effects of alcohol on the liver and give you some tips to help repair any damage you may have done as a result of drinking.

Although alcohol has an effect on the entire body it will have the most substantial effect on the liver. Alcohol is absorbed by your body at a rapid rate, when you consume alcohol it is digested a lot quicker than when you eat food, this means than any alcohol you drink will be get to stomach super fast. In the stomach it will be broken down into enzymes which will soon reach the liver. This process will effect every liver cell as your liver works hard to oxidize the alcohol from your body. The livers primary role is to break down fatty acids which are then distributed to the rest of your body. One of the effects of alcohol on the liver is that all the while your liver is dealing with the alcohol you have consumed the liver will be unable to break down the fatty acids and as a result they will build up in the liver. So in conclusion one of the main effects of alcohol on the liver is the formation of a fatty liver.

Now drinking will not have this effect on your liver immediately. A small amount of drinking will be handled by your liver without too much damage to your health. It is consistent heavy drinking sessions that will cause fatty acids to form in your liver. All the extra fatty acids that have accumulated in your liver will actually slow down the efficiency of the liver causing future complications. This is what can be really hazardous to your long term health. If you continue to drink heavily, eventually the liver cells will die, causing scar tissues which then leads to painful inflammation. At this point your liver will usually deteriorate severely and develop a condition called cirrhosis. The damage is now permanent.

Cirrhosis is a chronic disease, these are some of the symptoms:

Easy Bruising
Build up of fluids in the legs and stomach
Swelling of the esophagus veins, which can then burst leading to a life threatening hemorrhage.

If you develop cirrhosis your condition could eventually worsen and you may even require a liver transplant.

Tips to avoid the negative effects of alcohol on the liver:

- Avoid heavy drinking
- Take a cell renewing supplement

Avoid heavy drinking is the obvious one but a Stem Cell Enhancer product can help you reverse the damage done to your liver. It does this by safely helping your body to naturally release up to 25% more adult stem cells into your system. Circulating stem cells are then able to get to various organs (including the liver) and actually transform into cells of that organ, helping the organ to regain and also maintain optimal health. In recent studies scientists have found evidence that suggests that the number of circulating stem cells is a key factor; the higher the number the greater chance your body has of healing itself.

To learn more about the effects of alcohol on the liver and your body and how our adult stem cell enhancer product can help you, please visit our site to claim your free report: The Algae, Adult Stem Cell and Omega 3 Connection.

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