Secret Tip to Reverse Long Term Effects of Alcohol on the Body

Published: 04th May 2010
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One or two drinks spread out over our life span would probably not do us too much damage.

The problem is the we all seem too drink much more than that!

In terms of health, it is the effect of consistent drinking over weeks, months and years that does the most damage.

What is your poison of choice? What is the safe limit? What damage am I doing to my liver and what else can go wrong from drinking too much over the years?

Cocktails, beers, vino, spirits, ciders or ales - it doesn't really matter, it is the amount of alcohol that does. Alcohol will have an impact on all kind of cells in the body, effecting changes in some while preventing others from functioning correctly. As with most 'poisons', the more you consume, the worse the effects of alcohol will be.

So is there a safe limit? The medical experts all say that there is no absolute 'safe' limit for consuming alcohol. Consuming even smaller amounts is potentially hazardous to your health. However it is usually agreed that consuming smaller amounts carries lower risks - if you are sensible.

What about your liver health? Our livers produce a unique substance which breaks down what we drink and burns the alcohol as fuel. However alcohol quickly exhausts the livers ability to do this and doing this too much and too often can damage the liver permanently. If the liver is given sufficient time it can repair a lot of the damage. This is why it is important to drink in moderation and have days where you don't drink at all as well as not drinking too much in one go.

So what else can go wrong from consuming too much alcohol for too long? The list is huge! Researchers from around the globe are discovering new things about the effects of alcohol all the time. Here is a *few* of them.

Cancer - second only to smoking, alcohol is one of the biggest risk factors for developing cancers of the mouth and throat. Consuming alcohol while also smoking carries the highest risks of them all. Cirrhosis of the liver is common in those who drink too much and these people can go on to develop liver cancer. Females who consume more than 3 drinks per day greatly increase their risk of developing breast cancer.

There is more and more evidence that suggests their is a link between alcohol and mental health issues. Long term consumers of alcohol are also at risk of suffering from memory loss issues.

Too much alcohol is likely to cause you to put on weight, your less likely to get some quality exercise and it can also cause heart disease.

A study carried out over 20 years on over 6000 men found that that people who drank more than 5 units per day were 2 times as likely to be killed by stroke. Strokes occur when either a blood clots up arteries in the brain or by blood vessels bursting and leaking into the brain. More than 8 units (6 for women) in one session will thicken the blood and increase the chances of clots forming. Doing this over long periods of time can also raise blood pressure which in turn increases the chances of a stroke.

3 Ways to Reverse the Negative Effects of Alcohol

1. Drink less. For every one unit of alcohol you consume allow an hour for the liver to deal with this. Try alternating between an alcoholic drink and a soft drink. And try to stick to under 5 units in any one session.

2. Start a health diet. Green vegetables, complex carbohydrates and lean sources of protein will ensure you body has all the necessary building blocks to repair any damage already done to your body and also to maintain optimal health.

3. Take a supplement made from the superfood AFA. AFA contains essential omega 3 fatty acids (this is where fish get their omega 3s) that your brain is crying out for. AFA is a powerful anti-oxidant and also, rather remarkably, supports the bodies natural system of renewal - adult stem cells. Nasa have been using AFA to repair damage done to astronauts brains by G forces ever since the first mission to the moon. It can help you reverse any damage done by drinking and also to maintain optimal health.

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