How You Can Reverse the Effects of Alcohol

Published: 04th May 2010
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Everyone loves to party! And most of us like to drink alcohol but we also intelligent enough to know that there are some serious consequences from over doing it. Here I am going to share 3 of these consequences with you and also share a lessen know way to reverse the damage.

Damage to Your Brain. Too much drinking will cause sever damage to your brain and may result in black outs, anxiety and depression. Even you consume alcohol over long periods of time it may well result in permanent damage to the brain, some rather serious mental health conditions and maybe even a condition know as alcoholism. If you are young then you are particularly at danger of suffering from brain damage as your brain will not have fully developed yet and the alcohol will interfere with this development. Alcohol has been proven to damage the areas of the brain responsible for learning, remembering things and also behavior.

Cancers. The major risk to developing cancer is smoking, the second is alcohol. The most common cancers from drinking alcohol are of the mouth and throat. Cirrhosis of the liver is a common problem from drinking too much and may develop into liver cancer. It has ben noted that females are 3 times more likely to develop breast can if they consume only 3 drinks per day.

Blood Circulation and Heart Health. Alcohol is a huge contributing factor towards developing high blood pressure. It can increase the chances of suffering a stroke or heart attack. Alcohol will damage the lungs, liver, brain and nearly every other body system as it weakens the heart muscles eventually resulting in heart failure. Over a longer period of the time alcohol may cause the heart to beat irregularly and eventually lead to cases of sudden death.

3 Ways to Reverse the Damage

Change your drinking habits. Be kind to your liver, it can only process 1 unit of alcohol per hour. A great method for countering this is to alternate a soft drink with every alcoholic drink you have and to stick to a maximum of 6 units in any one drinking session.

Adopt a healthier diet. make sure our body gets everything it needs to maintains its health by ensuring you taken on plenty of vitamins and proper nutrients. Chicken, tuna and other leans meats are a great start. Add to this vegetable and complex carbohydrates and you will be well on your way to eating properly.

Take a hint from NASA. Since the first space mission to the moon NASA has used a edible plant known as AFA to help their astronauts repair the damage they have done to their brains from going into space. AFA is a superfood, rich in essential nutrients that your body needs to replenish itself. It also has the amazing ability to harness your bodies in built system of renewal. AFA can help you to repair the damage done by consuming alcohol.

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