3 Shocking Effects of Alcohol & How to Turn Back the Clocks

Published: 04th May 2010
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Everyone enjoys the odd alcoholic beverage now and again but we are also
intelligent enough to know that there can be some serious long term consequences in this article I am going to share with you three of those as well as some advice on how to reverse any damage already done.

Brain Damage. Drinking in excess can cause blackouts, brain damage and anxiety problems. Longer-term drinking will almost defiantly result in permanent brain damage, serious mental health conditions and a dependency on alcohol. Younger people's brains are especially vulnerable because the brain has yet to fully develop - a process which takes place throughout the teenage years. Alcohol can seriously damage the parts of the brain that are responsible for behavior, memory retention and the ability to learn new things.

Cancers. Secondly only to smoking as the biggest risk factor contributing towards cancers of the mouth and throat. People who consume too much alcohol will likely develop cirrhosis of the liver which can later develop into the life threatening liver cancer. Studies have shown that women who drink an average of 3 drinks a day greatly increase their chances of developing breast cancer.

Heart & Circulation. Alcohol is responsible for high blood pressure - know as hypertension. It also increases the likelihood of having a stroke or heart attack. It can weaken the heart muscles, which in turn effect the lungs, liver, brain and pretty much all other body systems and cause eventually result in heart failure. Too much drinking over long periods and also binge drinking can cause the heart to beat irregularly and has been thought to be the cause of some sudden death cases.

3 Things You Can Do To Reverse The Damage

1. Control you drinking habits. As the liver is only capable of processing 1 unit of alcohol per hour it is a great idea to alternate every alcoholic drink with a non alcoholic version thus giving your liver more time to deal with the alcohol you are consuming. It would also benefit you greatly to keep to under 5 units per drinking session.

2. Ensure you have a healthy diet. A good balanced diet that contains all the nutrients that your body needs to replenish itself after drinking is essential. Good quality lean protein, carbohydrates and plenty of green veggies should do it.

3. Do what NASA does. Every since the first mission to the moon, NASA have been supplementing their astronauts diets with a water plant known as AFA to help them repair damage done to their brains and bodies from the rigors of space travel. AFA is rich in essential nutrients including omega 3 fatty acids that your brain is crying out for. Remarkably it also has the ability to harness your bodies inbuilt system of renewal. You can use it to repair the damages done to your body and brain from too much drinking.

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