3 Secret Tips To Reverse The Negative Effects Of Alcohol On Health

Published: 04th May 2010
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Effects of alcohol on health can be broken down into short term and long term effects. Drinking alcohol can cause health related problems over a short time span, while other long term health conditions may effect you years later.

Alcohol will usually come into direct contact with your mouth, throat, esophagus, stomach and intestines and of course will be rapidly absorbed into your blood stream. Initially health complications usually start out as headaches, sickness, irritated of the throat or heartburn/digestion problems. This is just the beginning, if you continue to consume alcohol these symptoms can quite easily develop into more serious and sometimes life threatening illnesses.

Short Term affects of alcohol on health

Vomiting. Most people, at some point in their lives, have consumed too much alcohol and then proceeded
to vomit it back up. Being sick is actually your bodies safety mechanism designed to get rid of excess alcohol in the stomach, which is why most people say they feel better after they have thrown up.

The dreaded hang over. One way to lessen your hangover would be to stay hydrated while you drink alcohol, so for every alcoholic drink you have you would also have a glass of water. This lessens your hangover, as for the most part your hangover is actually sever dehydration.

Loss of muscular control - Speaking with a slur and impaired coordination. I'm sure you have experienced this. This can lead to falls, accidents and general embarrassment.

Long Term affects of alcohol on health

Inflammation of the Liver leading to Cirrhosis - Symptoms include but are not limited to yellowing of the skin, eyes and urine, sever stomach pains and general feeling of being unwell. In sever cases some people will develop Cirrhosis of the liver. Alcohol destroys liver cells, and also destroys the livers ability to develop new cells.

Cancer - Long term alcohol use will increase the likelihood of developing certain forms of cancer including mouth, throat and colonic cancer.

Heart Disease - alcohol greatly increases the chances of developing high blood pressure which can lead to heart disease.

Brain/nerve damage - alcohol damages the way brain cells communicate, slowing down the passing of information between cells effectively making you stupider. Fortunately this damage is largely reversible.

3 Options to reverse the negative effects of alcohol on health

1. Give it up completely - This is obviously the safest option. Your damaged organs will need plenty of time to recover.

2. Increase your exercise regime and go out less - Exercise will help your body to recover and going out less will result in consuming less alcohol

3. Take a supplement which naturally increases the release of adult stem cells into your body. Adult stem cells help with your bodies natural renewal process. When an adult stem cell comes into contact with an organ (liver, heart, brain) it will transform into a much needed cell of that organ and replace the damaged cells, effectively renewing the organ. In short, the more adult stem cells released into your system the faster your body and brain will be able to renew and repair. Stem Enhancer products have been proven by scientists to increase the amount of circulating adult stem cells by up to 25-30%!

I hope this article on Reversing the negative effects of alcohol on health has been helpful to you.

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